Ultra portable dual domain preamplifier – USB Sound Card

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The SX-M2D2 is all at once:

  • A very high quality stereo preamplifier
  • An analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converter
  • A headphone and monitoring amplifier
  • A USB sound card compatible with any type of computer or smartphone
  • An audio mixer with an integrated full featured compressor-limiter.

An embedded digital matrix allows any input to be routed to any output or to an internal stereo mixer. The fully digital controls allow menu access to all features with only two rotary encoders. A high-brightness graphic display shows the available options and settings as well as four modulometers assignable in pairs to any signal source. The power supply from a standard battery, recharged in the device, guarantees hours of autonomy, even if the two power sources available to the SX-M2D2 are unplugged.

The possibilities of implementation are endless:

  • As a complement to a TV cinema recording equipment or as a small stand-alone mixer.
  • As an AD converter preamplifier for a boom operator, with the possibility of mixing talkback with local monitoring
  • For a radio journalist who will be able to record and monitor 2 mics interviews on his smartphone.
  • For the musician or podcast creator who wants to benefit from very high quality inputs and outputs on his computer (PC or Apple-Mac) or smartphone (iOs or Android).
  • For the audiophile who will benefit from a DA converter coupled with an exceptional headphone amplifier.

Key Features

  • Two mic/line analog inputs with 135dB dynamic range
  • Independent line and phones outputs
  • AES42/AES3 input, AES3 output
  • Two channels in/out USB audio 2.0
  • Powered by removable Li-ion battery, Hirose or USB with intelligent energy management