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UVC Case



Watertight case UV-C germicidal.


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Using the UVC Case:

You just have to lay down lavaliers or transmitters on the grid avoiding overlaps and pull out batteries, close the case and push the start button. 

The start button lights on when pushed and stops after the 5 mns timer
Each of the 2 UVC bulbs used in the case have a proper UVC sensor which controls 2 blue LEDs to indicate the normal operation of the bulbs.

After the start button lights off, you need to revert the gears on the grid to avoid grid shades, taking care to disinfect your hands and wear a mask before.
Just restart the second disinfection by pressing the start button again and a second sequence starts.

This UVC case is only intended for lavalier microphones and wireless transmitters. It is totally inadvisable to put batteries, optical equipment, liquids and objects with large areas of shadows (headphones, windshields ...)

Conditions of use:

UVCs are harmful to the skin and the eyes.
They create burns or even skin cancer and cause cataracts (partial or total clouding
of the eye lens),
Thus, we secured our pelicase with closing contactors that switch off the lamps at
the opening of the pelicase.
In addition, the mains socket has an easily replaceable fuse.
A timer preset to 5 minutes automatically manages the exposure time with
automatic stop.
2 UVC sensors located behind the lamps indicates if the lamps work when the case
is closed and indicates the state of the lamps via 2 light diodes on the front panel.
It is important to avoid shaded areas and to place the material to be disinfected
without overlapping on the metal grid provided for this purpose.
The pelicase operates on 220V only.
The lamps have a lifespan of 8000 hours or 480,000 min. We consider that they
must be changed after 4000 hours of use in order to guarantee their total
The suitcase is a rigid hermetic and shock-proof suitcase with a compact format for
a useful volume of 34L. IP67 certified for perfect water and dust tightness.
- Interior dimensions: 465 X 335 X 220 mm
- External dimensions: 502 X 415 X 246 mm
- Interior useful height: 8 cm