Aaton Cantar X3 Kit



Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder

The package includes:

1 Cantar-X3
2 Batteries
1 Dual battery charger
1 Pelicase
1 tool kit

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13 390,00 € tax excl.

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Multi-Track Digital Audio Recorder
• Perfect ergonomics for cart or shoulder operation
• Swiveling front panel with ultra bright large color display (Transvideo design)
• User friendly with intuitive menus and confortable mechanical controls
• Uncompromised audio quality with unique on-board mixer
• Features integrated reports (PDF and Database), AutoSlate detection, Playback & Record, RX control ...and more

Analog Inputs 8 low noise mic preamp with very high quality transformer. 48V Phantom, limiters and filters
4 analog line inputs
Analog outputs 8 analog line level outputs
Digital inputs AES digital inputs incude 2 AES42 paris, 8 AES/EBU
32 Dante Audinate audio inputs
Digital outputs 10 AES Digital outputs
32 Dante Audinate audio outputs
Recording Media 1 x  256 SSD Drive
2 x  SD Cards
3 x  USB2 slots (Keyboard, external device...)
Connectivity 4 x Balanced Analog XLR-3Mic/Line
4 x Balanced Analog XLR-5 Mic/Line or Line Only
2 x DB25 (Balanced Analog Out / AES I/O)
2 x TA3M (AES42 Mode 2)
2 x Gigabit Ethernet (1 Audinate Dante, 1 PC Connect
1 x 6.35mm (Headphones)
1 x 3.5mm (External slate mic input)
1 x XLR4 (DC Input)
1 x Hirose 4 pins (DC Out)
1 x DVI (External Video Monitor)
1 x 26 Pin 3M (accessories, world clock I/O)
1 x BNC (Futur use)
1 x Lemo 5 (TimeCode)
Routing - All inputs can be routed to any of the tracks
- Linear control faders addressable to any inputs and output
- Linear control faders assignable to Mixdown of 10 isolated tracks to either 1 or 2 mixdown tracks
- Mixdown can be assigned to any tracks

- New improved interface menu accessible through buttons and jog wheel.
- All inputs and outputs monitoring and routing accessible through comprehensive and intuitive menus
- 16 or 24-bit Broadcast Wave File recording at sample rates from 44.1kHz~192kHz with support for pull-up/down recording rates
- Sample Rate Converters on all Digital Inputs
- Variable Delay on all analog Inputs and Outputs
- 30 Second Pre-Record Buffer
- Generous 48V Phantom supply guarantees 8mA to each of the 8 Mics inputs
- High-Pass filters before the preamp stage, LFA and EQ
- Native Monophonic BWF recording with optional Polyphonic real-time mirroring to removable media
- Self-Generated PDF and CSV Sound Reports embedded with deliverable media
- Metadata entry of Scene, Take, Notes, Track Names, Roll and more with support for US and Euro-centric metadata templates
- Scene/Take file naming structure
- Aaton AutoSlate automatic slate clap detection and logging
- Built-In Slate Mic with External Slate Mic Input on 3.5mm connector
- High Precision 1ppm Timecode generator supports all common frame rates
- Remote Record and Stop triggered by external timecode
- Rec&Play: Record live audio while playing back pre-recorded files
- Enhanced Playback Monitoring with Waveform Display on front panel
- M/S Recorded Tracks automatically decoded to L/R for Mixdown and/or monitoring
- X3 reads and displays battery metadata
- Compatible with Original Cantarem and `Cantaress

Power 2 smarts Lithium Ion battery 14,4V-3,4Ah
or  XLR4 12 - 17V DC

Wi-fi and Bluetooth (APP based communication)

(l x h x d)

240 x 320 x 90 mm
9.4 x 12.6 x 3.5 inches

Weight With batteries 8.8 lbs, 4,01kg
Without batteries 7.8 lbs, 3.55kg